10+ Best Reselling Apps in India Your Gateway to Financial Freedom

Reselling applications has taken India by storm and opened the door to a new era of entrepreneurship, turning smartphones into portals of opportunity. These applications have evolved into the contemporary marketplace where ideas are nourished and goals are realized in a country that is driven by innovation and ambition.

Join us as we go across Best Reselling Apps in India, where technology and empowerment converge and anybody may advance from being a mere user to an outstanding reseller. Prepare to discover a world where each swipe and click opens the door to freedom from debt and limitless possibility. 

List of Best Reselling Apps in India 

It’s crucial to think about your unique requirements and objectives while selecting a resale software. Meesho, Glowroad, or eBay can be suitable choices for you if you’re trying to sell a wide range of goods to a sizable audience. Mercari or Cartley could be a great option if you’re wanting to sell secondhand products swiftly and easily. Poshmark or Decluttr may be your best bet if you’re wanting to sell high-end things to a nationwide audience.

 The finest resale software for you will ultimately rely on your particular requirements and tastes. 

MeeshoVidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal 
GlowroadPriyanka Gill and Siddharth Sharma 
Shop101Ravi Gupta and Sahil Bansal 
EBayPierre Omidyar 
MercariShintaro Yamada 
CartleyArjun Chandwaney and Saurabh Garg 
ZyMiYash Rathod and Akhil Chandra 
OfferUpNick Huzar, Eric Baker, and Matt Satterthwaite 
5milesSameer Bhatia and Ryan Mast 
QuikrPranay Chulet, Viraj Sheth, and Manish Upadhyay
PoshmarkManish Chandra, Gautam Gupta, and Tracy Sun 
DecluttrSimon Belsham and Julian Smith 

Let us know more about these apps.

1. Meesho 

Name Meesho 
Founder Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal 
Year of Establishment  2015 
Revenue 3,359.4 crores   
World Rank 5th 

Meesho is a social commerce platform that helps small businesses connect and successfully market their goods on social media. It has more than 10 million merchants and 100 million active users, making it the biggest resale marketplace in India. Meesho makes it simple for vendors to open shops and begin selling by providing a huge selection of goods at wholesale pricing. 

2. Glowroad 

Name Glowroad 
Founder Priyanka Gill and Siddharth Sharma 
Year of Establishment  2017 
Revenue INR 1,200 crores 
World Rank 20th 

Glowroad is a social commerce website that links Indian shoppers with female merchants. It is a well-known marketplace for selling apparel and cosmetics, and it provides a range of tools to help vendors expand their operations, including marketing support, customer service, and access to a sizable buyer community. 

3. Shop101 

Name Shop101 
Founder Ravi Gupta and Sahil Bansal 
Year of Establishment  2018 
Revenue INR 400 crores 
World Rank 75th 

A more recent software for resale, Shop101, is growing in popularity. It provides a wide range of things, such as clothing, electronics, and housewares. In comparison to some of the other resale applications on our list, Shop101 offers a smaller commission rate. It is a wonderful choice for sellers searching for a platform with a robust buyer community and a reasonable commission cost. 

4. EBay 

Name EBay 
Founder Pierre Omidyar 
Year of Establishment  1995 
Revenue USD 10.2 billion. 
World Rank 10th 

eBay is an online store where customers can buy and sell a range of goods, both new and old. With more than 159 million active users, it is one of the most well-known online markets in the whole globe. eBay provides both buyers and sellers with a number of services, including auctions, fixed-price listings, and shipping choices. 

5. Mercari 

The Japanese resale software Mercari is gradually catching on in India. It is an excellent choice for sellers who want to swiftly and simply sell secondhand goods. In comparison to some of the other resale applications available, Mercari boasts a cheaper commission rate and a more active buyer community. 

Name Mercari 
Founder Shintaro Yamada 
Year of Establishment  2013 
Revenue USD 2.2 billion. 
World Rank 12th 

6. Cartley 

An app called Cartley specializes in selling secondhand household items in India. Despite being a relatively new software, it has swiftly grown in popularity thanks to its modest 5% commission rate and sizable buyer community. For sellers who want to swiftly and simply sell secondhand furniture, appliances, and décor, Cartley is an excellent choice. 

Name Cartley 
Founder Arjun Chandwaney and Saurabh Garg 
Year of Establishment  2021 
Revenue – 
World Rank – 

7. ZyMi 

Zyme is an app for resale that specializes in selling trendy items in India. Despite being a relatively new app, it has swiftly grown in popularity thanks to its broad selection of items, vibrant community of buyers, and 10% commission rate. Zyme is a wonderful alternative for vendors who want to market their goods to a nationwide market. 

Name Zyme 
Founder Yash Rathod and Akhil Chandra 
Year of Establishment  2020 
Revenue – 
World Rank – 

8. OfferUp 

Users of the OfferUp mobile app may purchase and sell old things in their neighborhood. It is an excellent choice for sellers who want to swiftly and simply sell secondhand goods. OfferUp features a sizable network of buyers and a modest commission charge of 5%. 

Name OfferUp 
Founder Nick Huzar, Eric Baker, and Matt Satterthwaite 
Year of Establishment  2011 
Revenue USD 300 million. 
World Rank 150th 

9. 5miles 

Users of the local marketplace app 5miles may buy and sell secondhand things in their neighborhood. It is comparable to OfferUp but has more users. If you want to sell used goods fast and simply to a larger audience, 5miles is an excellent solution. 

Name 5miles 
Founder Sameer Bhatia and Ryan Mast 
Year of Establishment  2015 
Revenue USD 100 million. 
World Rank – 

10. Quikr 

Users of the Quikr classifieds app may purchase and sell used products, vehicles, real estate, and services. It is an excellent choice for merchants that want to swiftly and simply sell a range of things. Quikr has a sizable community of buyers and sellers, and it provides a number of services to aid in the listing of goods and the interaction between buyers and sellers. 

Name Quikr 
Founder Pranay Chulet, Viraj Sheth, and Manish Upadhyay 
Year of Establishment  2008 
Revenue INR 1,500 crores 
World Rank 82nd 

11. Poshmark 

Poshmark is a prominent resale platform that caters to a diverse range of products, including fashion items, accessories, and more. Founded in 2011 by Manish Chandra, Gautam Gupta, and Tracy Sun, Poshmark has emerged as a go-to marketplace for individuals looking to sell and buy high-quality fashion items.

With a robust community of buyers and sellers, Poshmark offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of services to streamline the listing process and facilitate communication between users. As of its latest available data in 2021, Poshmark had generated a revenue of USD 780 million, showcasing its substantial presence in the online resale market.

Name Poshmark 
Founder Manish Chandra, Gautam Gupta, and Tracy Sun 
Year of Establishment  2011 
Revenue USD 780 million. 
World Rank 142nd 

12. Decluttr 

An app called Decluttr will purchase secondhand DVDs, books, games, and electronics. It is a wonderful choice for vendors that want to swiftly and simply get rid of outdated equipment. Decluttr offers free shipping and a guaranteed price for your goods. 

Name Decluttr 
Founder Simon Belsham and Julian Smith 
Year of Establishment  2012 
Revenue USD 128 million 
World Rank – 

How These Reselling Apps Changing the Game 

A significant transition is taking place in the dynamic world of contemporary trade. Thanks to the development of app reselling, what was formerly thought to be only an exchange of items has transformed into a robust ecosystem of enterprise. These applications have fundamentally changed how people do business, transforming them from simple sellers into capable entrepreneurs. 

 The era of regional restrictions and restrictions on traditional shopping is over. Reselling applications has broken down these boundaries and provided a digital platform where anybody with a smartphone and a desire to start their own business may do so. This move represents a paradigm shift in how business is performed, not merely a change in methods. 

Join us as we explore the significant influence that app reselling has had on the Indian entrepreneurial scene. We’ll learn about people’s experiences using these applications to carve new routes, redefine achievement, and tell new stories of financial empowerment. Reselling applications are changing the norms and enabling a new generation of entrepreneurs to control their own destinies, from the comfort of one’s own home to the worldwide reach of the virtual marketplace.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Reselling Apps 

When choosing the best resale applications, take into account the following factors: 

  • Items you wish to sell again: Not all resale applications provide the same goods. Some concentrate on particular categories, such apparel, electronics, or home items. Others provide a greater range of goods. Make sure the app you select for resale contains the goods you intend to sell. 
  • Fees: For listing things, selling products, and withdrawing money, reselling applications often impose fees. Before you begin utilizing the reselling software you select, make sure you are aware of the costs involved. 
  • Shipping: Apps for reselling may provide their own shipping services or let you utilize a different shipping company. It’s crucial to pick a resale software with in-house delivery services if you intend to sell expensive things. By doing this, you can better defend yourself against fraud and make sure that your consumers get their goods fast and securely. 
  • Customer service: You’ll need to have access to the reselling app’s customer care staff if you experience any issues with it. A responsive and educated customer support team should be present in the reselling app you pick. 
  • User interface: The user interface (UI) of the reselling app should be easy to use and navigate. You should be able to list products, sell products, and manage your orders quickly and easily.
  • Secure: Your personal and financial information should be secure when using the reselling app. Make sure the reselling app you choose has strong security measures in place to protect your data. 

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Wrapping Up 

India’s reselling ecosystem has seen a remarkable change, and the finest reselling applications have been a crucial part of this transformational process. These applications have effectively transformed many people from simple sellers into successful entrepreneurs by fusing the power of technology with their dreams. 

The top resale apps in India serve as glimmering lights of possibility and promise in this age of seemingly endless possibilities. They are the forces that have made dreams come true, and they will definitely keep inspiring a new generation of creative thinkers to take control of their own destiny. In order to experience the world of app reselling, where the transfer from seller to entrepreneur is more than just a transition but a change of life’s possibilities, join us as we say goodbye to this investigation. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Which Indian resale software is the best? 

The greatest resale software in India would rely on your individual requirements and objectives. Meesho, Glowroad, or eBay can be suitable choices for you if you’re trying to sell a wide range of goods to a sizable audience. Mercari, Cartley, or OfferUp could be better options if you’re wanting to swiftly and simply sell old goods. Poshmark or Decluttr may be your best bet if you’re wanting to sell high-end things to a nationwide audience. 

What disadvantages come with utilizing a resale app?

The use of a resale app has a few limitations, such as:
Competitors: It might be challenging to stand out in the sea of apps-reselling competitors. 

Fraud: The possibility of fraud exists when reselling apps, thus you should use caution when doing so. 

When you sell products on a reselling app, you could have to pay delivery expenses. 
Reselling apps frequently feature severe return policies, so it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before selling something.

How do I pick the best software for me to use while reselling? 

It’s crucial to think about your unique requirements and objectives while selecting a resale software. Here are some things to remember: 
What kinds of goods are you looking to sell?
Some applications for resale specialize in particular product categories, such clothing, electronics, or home items. 

How much can you spend?
Different commission and fee structures may apply when reselling applications. 

What group do you want to appeal to?
More people use some resale applications than others. 

What qualities matter to you?
Some resale applications provide options like shipping labels, customer support, and marketing help. 

What is the possibility for profit while reselling apps? 

Your income is influenced by a number of variables, including the goods you offer, your pricing policy, and your marketing initiatives. While some resellers have succeeded in making it their full-time job, others utilize it as a source of extra money. 

Are there any fees associated with using reselling apps?

While signing up and listing products is typically free, some apps may charge a commission on each sale or offer premium features for a fee. It’s important to understand the fee structure of the app you choose. 

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