BharatPe Paid Rs 1.69 Crores Salary To Ashneer Grover In FY22 And 63 Lakhs To His Wife

BharatPe paid Rs. 1.69 crores salary to Ashneer Grover in FY22 and Rs. 63 lakhs to his wife. BharatPe, the Indian digital payments company, made headlines in conclusion, the high salaries paid by BharatPe to its top executives and their spouses have sparked a lot of discussions and debates. While it is important to reward top talent and align salaries with the company’s performance, it is equally important to ensure that such salaries are transparent and justified. The company has an opportunity to clarify its stance and explain the rationale behind the high salaries, which would help build trust with its stakeholders and ensure a good corporate governance financial world for the salaries of its executives. According to reports, the company paid a whopping Rs. 1.69 crores in salary to its co-founder and CEO, Ashneer Grover, during FY22. This amount is a significant increase from his previous year’s salary, and it showcases the growth and success of BharatPe in the Indian market. 

But, the news that caught everyone’s attention was the salary of Grover’s wife. BharatPe paid a salary of Rs. 63 lakhs to Grover’s wife, which is a considerable amount for an executive in a company. The news raised questions about the company’s policy on executive compensation, and many investors and analysts were curious to know the reason behind the payment. 

It’s worth mentioning that BharatPe has been growing rapidly in the Indian market, and the company has made significant strides in the digital payments space. The company has raised substantial funding from investors, and it has established itself as a leading player in the Indian market. The salaries of the executives, including Grover’s wife, reflect the growth and success of the company.

In conclusion, BharatPe’s decision to pay such a high salary to its CEO and his wife has raised eyebrows in the financial world. 

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