Spark Your Adventure: Booz Mobility Transforms Scooter Experiences

Booz Mobility (Hello Skate Mobility), a micro-mobility startup, is a mobile application-based electric-kick scooter rental service. This app-based e-mobility electric scooter startup is South Asia’s unique two-wheeler model that provides a different traveling experience at a sustainable price.

Booz has deployed around 20 Booz scooters at various spots like business premises, commercial parks, residential areas, educational campuses, Tourist spots, public spots, hotels, clubs, and resorts across Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar City as of January 2020.

The extensive features of the scooter include helmets, rider insurance, easy locating the on-site charging, and docking stations. The mobile application enables users to find, book, and unlock vehicles. It also allows users to make payments, navigate the booked vehicle, and so on.

Booz Mobility (Hello Skate Mobility) was featured on the first episode of Shark Tank India. The startup gained a giant initial investment of Rs. 40 Lakhs for 50% shares in the startup from two sharks, Ashneer Grover (Co-founder – BharatPe) and Vineeta Singh (CEO – SUGAR Cosmetics).

Booz mobility startup

Startup Highlights

Startup NameBooz Mobility
Legal NameHello Skate Mobility LLP
IndustryUrban Transit Service
HeadquartersAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
FounderRutvij Dasadia
FundingUSD 53.0k
Net worthRs. 2.6 crores
InvestorsAshneer Grover, Vineeta Singh

Founder: Rutvij Dasadia

Rutvij Dasadia, to solve his problem of short-distance commuting started working on his cost-efficient unique model in his third year of engineering at Gujarat Technological University.

Working with like-minded innovators, Dasadia invented the one-step solution Booz which was ranked among the top 3000 start-ups in the ‘Smart 50’ of IIM Calcutta and also ranked top 100 startups at Startup Turkey of Eastern Europe in a period of one year. Booz Mobility was also added to the India 5000’s top 500 startups.

Dasadia also went on to become a member of SAEINDIA. Formerly working for Menza Motors Pvt Ltd, Volvo Cars, and Next Feature Transportation, after Booz, he was recognized in the top 500 CEOs Awards. His studies at the University of London concentrated on Machine Learning – Fundamentals. While studying at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business in 2020, he designed Agile Meets.

Rutvij Dasadia founder of booz

Business model

MaaS – Mobility as a Service. Booz scooters follow the mobility business model.

The Motto of the Company

“Urban Mobility that cares for you, your environment, and your pockets.”

What does Booz have to say?Booz became the first Civic Body-approved operator in South Asia to deploy such electric kick scooters for city public spots.

Unfortunately, during Covid-19 first wave, we paused our operations in March 2020 and resumed in November 2020. This period impacted our expansions and growth plans and yet the whole team kept believing in what we started.

Yet again during the second wave of Covid-19, we paused operations in March 2021, and this time we have pivoted a bit by rethinking some products and business models & we are back stronger. Indeed what a ride!

Booz Mobility


DateFunding typeFunded ByAmount
Jan 2022Seed FundAshneer Grover and Vineeta Singh (Shark Tank India)40L

Startup Competitors

  • Bikeep
  • Clevr Mobility
  • Hergele mobility

Booz Mobility Team

Team of booz mobility


What does Booz Scooter Do?

Booz scooter is an electric kick app-based two-wheeler model which helps in easy commuting to various places such as business premises, commercial parks, educational campuses, tourist spots, public spots, hotels, clubs, and resorts in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. You can find, book, unlock vehicles and make payments using the Booz Scooters – Corporate and leisure e-mobility mobile application.

Who is the Founder of Booz Mobility?

Rutvij Dasadia founded Booz Scooters in 2017 to solve his short-distance commuting problem. He started building this unique cost-efficient attractive model in his third year of engineering.

Who is Rutvij Dasadia?

Rutvij Dasadia is the founder of Booz Scooters and a member of SAEINDIA. He previously worked with Menza Motors Pvt Ltd, Volvo Cars, and Next Feature Transportation. Dasadia was also recognized in the Top 500 CEOs Awards. He studied Machine Learning – Fundamental at the University of London and also went to the University of Virginia Darden School of Business in 2020 where he designed Agile Meets.

When was Booz Mobility founded?

Booz Mobility aka Booz Scooters was founded in the year 2017 by Rutvij Dasadia.

Where is Booz Mobility based?

It is based in Ahmedabad, India. Booz has deployed 20 of its electric scooters at various spots like business, commercial, and leisure across Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar City.

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