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People have a tendency to not think twice while buying undergarments. They usually think that it’s just an inner garment and it is of course invisible, so why should they buy it with all the research and stuff? People forget that their private parts need most of the comfort and balance. The way your undergarments fit and feel to your inner skin is a feeling of heaven! In order to keep all your comfort together and to provide your body the best, Bummer is present to take care of it.

What is Bummer? It is an online platform catering to undergarments for men and women. They believe in the fact that ‘Comfort changes EVERYTHING’.

After spending approximately 2 years on proper research and development, they commenced their company by manufacturing the softest and most sustainable fabric known to mankind.

The most amazing and exciting part is that each pair weighs less than 60 grams and they are so ultra-lightweight that they directly slip into your inner part. It has the most fashionable colors and fun prints. They believe that you should feel good from the inside as much as you are from the outside.

Startup Highlights

Start-up NameBummer
IndustryTextile Industry
HeadquarterAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
FounderSulay Lavsi
Funding$280.0 k

Founder: Sulay Lavsi

The innovator behind this beautiful creation is Sulay Lavsi. He studied at the University of Southern California. 

Sulay Lavsi founder of Bummer

The Motto of the Company

It believes that Comfort changes Everything. They believe that our inner garments should also be taken into consideration. They have also decided to add colors and bring a change in the so-called ‘White’ Industry. Hence, a revolution has been brought with this.


DateFunding TypeFunded ByAmount
29 December 2021Seed RoundBEENEXT$180K
29 December, 2021Angel RoundRs. 7.5 million

StartUp Competitors

  • Knix
  • Heist Studios
  • Flint and Tinder
  • Freecultr


What does Bummer do?

Bummer is an online platform catering the undergarments for men and women. It provides comfortable, soft, and fashionable undergarments.

Who is the founder of Bummer?

Sulay Lavsi is the founder.

When was Bummer founded?

It was founded in the year 2020.

Where is Bummer based?

It is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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