How Is The OnlineC Credit Platform Money View Valued At $900 Million? What Does It Do?

Sanjay Aggarwal and Puneet Agarwal, two buddies from the IIT, founded Money View in 2014. The user of Money View can manage their personal funds to keep track of their daily spending. Be it for paying for trips or utility bills, it keeps track of all monetary outlays and notifies users when payments are due. Money View not only does this, but it also offers loans.

A loan financier, Money View is a fintech startup that aids in overall financial planning. Within a day or less, it can offer loans ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 5,000,000. From the client’s SMS box, the application retrieves information about banking, invoices, and spending. The user can see their bank balance, income received and spent, and income obligations. The app is lightweight and made to work on all devices; it may be updated and used even when there is no internet connection.


Personal loan provider aiming to provide rapid loans and money management. The company’s services enable customers to get instant loans, enjoy flexible repayment terms, and provide a real-time view of their finances. They also help to check eligibility, offer real-time visibility of finances, and provide loans at low-interest rates through a paperless process. Users can also use these services to track and manage their expenses.

Money View initially simply offered advice on how to save money, which helped gather data. Money View evolved into a full fintech solution in 2016. The main conviction of the start-up founders is that “access to financial services is a basic right to all persons.” The paperless Money View software allows users to manage bills, view bank account information, make budgets, and record cash expenditures.

How Is The OnlineC Credit Platform Money View Valued At $900 Million


Three investors—Tiger Global Management, Accel, and Ribbit Capital—fund Money View primarily. Three banks are also assisting this business in providing loans to customers more quickly. An estimate of the company’s worth is $900 million. In order to maintain its leadership position, Money View said it will utilize the funds raised to scale its core credit business, expand its team, and add services like digital bank accounts, insurance, and wealth management solutions to its product line.

Money View, a company founded in 2014, offers tools for managing personal finances and customized loan products. The company is managing AUMs of over $800 million and operates at an annualized disbursal run rate of $1.2 billion with over 40 million app downloads. Money View has been profitable over the past two years and has been unit economic positive since its beginning, according to a statement.

The company has achieved market leadership in India while providing high profitability and a strong focus on ESGI principles. Money View is one of the most inventive and successful digital credit businesses throughout our markets. According to Udayan Goyal, co-founder and managing partner at Apis Partners, “Money View’s solid track record speaks for itself, and we are certain that we will be able to celebrate further triumphs with the company in the coming months and years.

According to the Addis Partners, Money View is now handling over $800 million and disbursing loans totaling roughly $1.2 billion on an annual basis. The firm reported $30.6 million in revenue and $2.14 million in profit for the fiscal year that ended in March, claiming that it had been profitable for the previous two years.

The additional money will be used by Money View to expand its credit company, add services like digital bank accounts, insurance, and wealth management to its product offering, and hire more personnel.

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