LegalPay launches Contract Defense, a free service protecting businesses from disputes arising through BNPL

LegalPay has introduced a new and innovative feature called “Contract Defense”, which protects businesses against any disputes arising in contracts paid for using its Pay Later Product, LegalPay Max.

New Delhi, April 20, 2023: LegalPay, India’s first and largest litigation funder and interim financier, has launched a feature that protects businesses against disputes arising from contracts paid for using its BNPL product.

Recognizing the increase in contract disputes, LegalPay has introduced Contract Defense, a free-of-cost service that covers the legal costs associated with contract-related disputes.

This applies to all contracts paid for using LegalPay Max. This development means that LegalPay now offers full-stack financing for all types of legal expenses, and has further strengthened its position as the dominant player in the legal financing industry.

Kundan Shahi, CEO & Founder of LegalPay, said, “Contract Defense is designed to assist businesses with obtaining legal guidance and expertise in disputes arising from contracts that have been paid using LegalPay Max. By onboarding on LegalPay Max, founders, and CEOs can rest easy and not worry about their legal expenses. Attorneys and lawyers will review the situation & relevant documents and provide support with enforcing the contract, allowing businesses to focus on their work.”

By utilizing Contract Defense, businesses gain an additional layer of security for their contracts, which provides peace of mind and allows them to focus on their core operations without worrying about the costs associated with legal disputes. For instance, companies facing a dispute arising with a contract that was paid for using LegalPay Max can review the situation with one of LegalPay’s partnered law firms without any additional charges.

With LegalPay Max, businesses can avail of a credit line of up to Rs 50 lakh for all types of legal and professional expenses such as transaction, regulatory, advisory, arbitration, and other legal costs, and the same can be spread over a tenure of up to three to six months with no extra charge. 

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