Top 10 Ad-tech Companies in India: Revolutionizing Advertising

Advertising technology, or AdTech, is a term used to describe systems, software, or tools used to run, deliver, manage, and optimize programmatic advertising campaigns. Although AdTech often contains complicated processes and is quite challenging to comprehend, its goal is to help publishers and advertisers optimize their ad campaigns.

For publishers, it could be the process of generating more revenue from their ad inventory. For advertisers, improving their ad campaign targeting to zero in on their target market and maximize their ROI.

Ad tech is a set of technologies used for managing advertisements across channels, including search, display, video, mobile, and social, with functions for targeting, design, bid management, analytics, optimization, and automation of digital advertising.

List of 10  ad tech Companies


2. ADZ Junction

3. Aristoma

4. EMAIC Technologies

5. ch Labs

6. DiGiVigyan Marketing

7.Do Your Thng

8. Globale Media

9. mCanvas

10. Streamlyn

1.     InMobi

It is a very famous global mobile and network company that is known for its services and has been working very efficiently. It is a network company that has been offering its service of making personalized kind of mobile along with website ad campaigns through various targeted data and analytics.

It has substantial investments from investors like the Softbank Group, Capital Partner, and Tennenbaum Capital. When it comes to the technologies involved in the advertisements, InMobi has been using the most advanced ones.

2. ADZ Junction

 The ultimate platform for delivering the best solutions for all the major emerging kinds of digital marketing agencies has the aspects of designing, social, editing, search marketing, and video advertising. 

The company was built on the ideas of Ashok Nain who supported the basis of this company for the purpose of real-time bidding, the rich kind of media, the different kinds of media advertising, and various other advanced technologies, and developments.

The company makes very strategic kinds of plans to deal with all the problems related to their clients and it is especially done to get quality traffic generation. The company offers excellent services and has been providing the services like marketing, content search marketing, digital strategy, development, and many other advanced techniques.

3. Aristoma

It is known to be famous for delivering the most engaging and innovative services of digital marketing to different companies. It makes it easy for other companies to connect with them and earn profits from them.

The main objective of the company is to make the most creative, advanced, and well-suited kind of content for businesses and make them hold a firm place in the industry world, and hire the most skilled category of professionals. It has been giving out the best kind of outcomes or results.

4. EMIAC Technologies

This company is made to serve a number of businesses by reaching their desired target audience and making the best kind of profit.

One of the critical services applied in this company includes paid marketing, content development, and web designing and development. EMAIC is called to be the game-changer in the ad tech industries and is very well-known for creating advanced technology levels of digital footprints. It has more than 1,200 clients with a project number of 2,900 across 30+ plus countries around the globe. 

5. 135 Tech Labs

The company works on Hangout, an in-app advertising channel that has been helping different kinds of app developers easily monetize the applications and various companies to the successful engagement of more users found in the target companies.

The rewards and the number of offers given at the company 135 Tech Labs are shown on the third-party application.

A company founded in 2012, with its headquarters in the city of Hyderabad, is known to be a famous company that has been delivering its services in the in-app advertising platform. It has been offering an outstanding level of rewards along with its services. Their services and rewards are one point of attracting a lot of other companies.  

6. DiGiVigyan Marketing

It is called a dynamic platform giving full-time service in the digital marketing agency that offers their clients different solutions through different marketing verticals. It deals with all digital services and digital display advertising. 

Founded by Amit Verma, the company has been giving out its best kind of performance with the best customer satisfaction.

DiGiVigyan offers a world-class level of digital advertising solutions to various businesses to achieve the best kind of digital marketing goals. The company has been giving services like creating landing pages with attractive similar copies of the ads and other sources of optimization to meet marketing needs.

7. Do Your Thng

This company deals with categories of social influencers, and the marketing platforms for various influencers. It’s called a leading influencer company with a marketing agency and deals with their shared kind of economy for the purpose of digital assets. The company serves as a platform to create space for the different brands to connect with the company and help them with the whole process.

8. Globale Media

The platform of Globale Media gives the most integrated kind of marketing platform that helps maximize the number of businesses.

Also, it maximizes the company’s revenues by bringing in the most direct advertisers and showing the most suited and relevant ads that best fit the users of the audience using the different banners, videos, social, and the native kind of ads.

The company has been specializing in the practice of digital marketing, which includes all the major application types verticals, including gaming, e-commerce, education, entertainment, lifestyles, and the utilization of others like the CPI, CPM, CPA, and the cost of the different models.

9. mCanvas

The company has been successfully dealing with the fields of mobile advertising, video interactive ads, and programmatic advertising. The company is called the subsidiary of Affinity, and it is the brainchild founded by Vishal Rajput, from the vision and inception to give significant revenue generation and scalability.

mCanvas is a platform for the purpose of storytelling mobile ad platform that makes the process work using the phone sensors to create the most compelling and interactive kind of brand narratives.

With the more advanced techniques, the company is evolving more and more and slowly becoming the fastest leading Indian company that has addressed the big critical issues of the mobile marketing world like poor viewability, lack of storytelling, and accidental clicks.

This mobile advertising platform uses four different kinds of advertisement formats: Spotlight, Stickers, Scrollers, and Streambox. 

10. Streamlyn

The aim was to help online publishers, particularly small and medium-sized ones, grow their revenue and audience. Streamlyn has an in-house server for the ads and different algorithms to help analyze the event and optimize the complete monetization by depending on the solutions.

Founded by Naveen Kumar and Raja Chakraborty, dealing with the categories of programmatic advertising and brand safety along with verification. It works for both publishers and ad buyers to make the selling and buying of the ad space, respectively.

It works like an agency as well as a supply-side platform. With time it’s been changing its ad tech techniques and methods, like its one-stop advertising solution provider for the companies, a complete publisher-focused media agency that connects the advertisers keeping in kind the target audience through the right publisher.


What are the AdTech companies?      

1. InMobi.

      2. ADZ Junction.

      3. Aristoma.

      4. EMIAC Technologies.

      5. 135 Tech Labs.

How many ad tech companies are there?

there are now 23 publicly-listed ad tech companies with many of them disclosing their quarterly earnings in recent weeks.

How big is the ad tech industry?

According to Verified Market Research, The Global AdTech Software Market was valued at USD 16.27 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 29.85 Billion by 2026.

What are the AdTech products?

Adtech includes a variety of tools and technologies, such as demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, agency trading desks, ad servers, and ad networks to help advertisers serve relevant advertisements to relevant audiences.

How much is the AdTech industry worth?

According to Verified Market Research, The Global AdTech Software Market was valued at USD 16.27 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 29.85 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2019 to 2026.

What is Ad tech data?

AdTech software targets deliver or analyze data to make digital marketing successful. AdTech includes the entire ad campaign process. Even selecting the topic of an ad and its target audience is part of AdTech. AdTech solutions help to maximize the results of ad campaigns. They do this through data.

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