Top Cycle Brands in India: Pedaling to Popularity Among Fitness Enthusiasts  

We have observed how engines have successfully taken over bicycles. The pollution induced by them is disintegrating our living standards at a very high rate. In India, not everybody is capable of affording four-wheelers and bikes.

Bicycles are good substitutes for them. There are also several health benefits of cycling, this compels a person to choose bicycles over cars.

India is the 2nd largest producer of bicycles in the world. Bicycles are not just meant for kids, new-era bicycles are greeted for all ages.

As India is playing a vital role in the international market, the industry needs a drive to meet the demands, majorly in terms of export. The major players in the industry are Hero, Atlas, Avon, etc.

Top Cycle Brands in India:

A list of the Top 10 Cycle Brands in India is given below:-

  1. Hero
  2. Atlas
  3. Avon
  4. Hercules
  5. La Sovereign
  6. BSA Ladybird
  7. Firefox
  8. Montra Cycles
  9. Mach City
  10. Roadmaster


Hero is one of the most important bicycle makers in the world. It is a mark of quality as it is loved by most of the Indians. One of the highest-selling products of this company is Hero Street Racer Twenty-Four T. Hero exports to 70 countries virtually, which speaks a lot concerning the standard of their bicycle. Based out of Punjab, it is one of the largest cycle brands in India.


Atlas produces bicycles for all ages. It encompasses a large section within the children’s cycle class. One preferred for teenagers is the Atlas Smash lbs 20T. This company has the capacity to manufacture over 4 billion bicycles every year. The bicycles of this company are durable because it takes into thought the budget and the product can be chosen accordingly. Established in 1965, it is one of the largest bicycle manufacturing brands in India.


The objective of this company was to manufacture bicycles for the common person of India at an affordable rate. It sells the most important variety of bicycles in Asian countries, thus concerning its quality. It is available both in offline stores and online websites. One of the best-selling models is the Neowave. It is a trendy and classy cycle. Avon is one of the major bicycle manufacturing companies in India.


Hercules manufactures durable and safe bicycles. If a person is looking for a bicycle for daily use, then Hercules will provide them with specialized models.
It has a huge variety of sports and performance bicycles. One of the most desired bicycles of this company is Ryder Contour twenty-one Speed Bicycle. This brand is among the list of top bicycle manufacturing brands in India.


It is a project between a Thailand-based organization associated with an Indian Company. It is primarily based in Ludhiana. The company manufactures models for kids and the younger generation. MTB bicycles are one of the best-selling models of this company. It is one of the largest bicycle manufacturing brands in India.


BSA Ladybird is one of the supreme style brands among the ladies of Asian countries. The bicycles of this brand are for ladies in India. It is specifically designed for girls to get complete comfort while riding the bicycle.
They have a huge variety of fashionable models. One among them is BSA Ladybird Beetle Breeze, it is designed for girls between 8-11 years. BSA Ladybird is one of the leading bicycle manufacturing brands in India.


This company entered the Indian market in 2005 and has now become one of the foremost bicycle manufacturing brands in India. It produces durable and premium quality bicycles. Firefox is well known for its premium variety of bicycles. One of the highest-rated models in terms of style is the Firefox Flip Flop hybrid. This brand is one of the major bicycle brands in India.


It belongs to the IT cycles of Asian countries. Their bikes are specially designed for mountains and roads. This company manufactures models which come with a guarantee. They have some wonderful accessories that augment the bicycle.
Some of the top mountain bicycle models are Montra Madrock, Montra Rock, and Montra Beat. It is one of the largest bicycle manufacturing brands in India.


The company was introduced in the market in 2015. It is designed in such a simple way that folks can begin to like athletics once again. The target is the urban crowd.
Mach town is designed for riding on roads. One model amongst their preferred models is W Single Speed. It is designed for city roads which are often found unsuitable for riding bicycles. This company is one of the major Bicycle manufacturing brands in India.


This brand has over 60 different models. The models are designed for all generations. It is especially known for its sports bicycles. This is a fast-growing brand in India.
Some of its well-known models are the 26” Men’s Granite Peak Bike, RoadMaster Granite Peak Bike Women’s Bike, etc. It is one of the leading bicycle manufacturing brands.

FAQs :

Which is the no.1 Cycle Company in India?

A- Hero is the top-rated bicycle manufacturer in India. It exports to over 70 countries.

Which brand of cycle is the best?

Giant is the best brand of bicycle. It is common and also the most demanded out of all the brands. This company has manufacturing plants in China and the Netherlands too.

Is Firefox an Indian brand?

Firefox Bikes Private Limited is an Indian Non-Government Company, incorporated on 25th October 2004. It is a private unlisted company and is limited by shares.

Is Cosmic Cycle a Chinese Company?

This is an Indian brand delivering superior quality bicycles with performance matching the level of other big brands in the market.

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