Top Gas Distribution Companies in India and Their Impact on the Industry: Fueling India’s Energy Needs

A person’s day-to-day life is dependent on various factors and businesses that are going on in the country. Electricity distribution, water distribution, etc. which play an important role to make our life comfortable and easy. Besides these, there is one more essential task that has been carried on all over the country, and that is gas distribution.

Gas Distribution is a network system of external pipelines from a specific source to a gas consumer line as well as facilities and engineering devices for them.

An external pipeline can be an underground, aboveground, or overhead pipeline which is laid outside of the building and connected to an outer building structure.

Here’s the list of Top Gas Distribution Companies in India-

List of Top Gas Distribution Companies in India-

  1. GAIL (India) Ltd
  2. Gujarat State Petronet Ltd
  3. Indraprastha Gas Ltd
  4. Mahanagar Gas Ltd
  5. Adani Total Gas Ltd
  6. Gujarat Gas Ltd

Let’s have a deep look at these companies!

1. GAIL (India) Ltd

Gas Authority of India Limited, also known as GAIL, is one of India’s top leading natural gas companies. It is a government-owned natural gas explorer and producer which is important for the processing and distribution of natural gas in India.

  • Sales – Rs. 60210 Crores.
  • Return on Equity – 13%
  • ROCE – 11%
  • EBITA – Rs. 10078 CR.

It has approximately 13,340 cm of natural gas pipelines spread all over the country and is owned and operated by them. It is also working simultaneously on the execution of multiple pipeline projects to further enhance the spread. In Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market, GAIL has achieved a large portfolio. Its presence is currently increasing in renewable energy like solar, wind, and biofuel.

2. Gujarat State Petronet Ltd

Formerly, Gujarat State Petrochemicals Corporation Limited was incorporated by the Government of Gujarat in 1979. It was later re-started as Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited in 1994 in order to establish a firm dominance in the entire hydrocarbon value chain.

  • Sales – Rs. 11665 Crores.
  • Return on Equity – 22%
  • ROCE – 29%
  • EBITA – Rs. 3703 CR.

GSPC Group is the only gas distribution company that has emerged as the one and only Oil and Gas conglomerate that is promoted by a state government and has been successful.

3. Indraprastha Gas Ltd

It was founded in 1998. It took over the Delhi City Gas Distribution Project in 1999 from GAIL (India).

  • Sales – Rs. 5181 Crores.
  • Return on Equity – 22%
  • ROCE – 22%
  • EBITA – Rs. 1734 CR.

It was started to lay the network for the distribution of natural gas in the National Capital Territory of Delhi to consumers in the domestic, transport, and commercial sectors. IGL is also planning on the provision of natural gas in the entire region.

4. Mahanagar Gas Ltd.

Mahanagar Gas Ltd is one of the leading Natural Gas Distribution Companies incorporated on 8th May 1995. GAIL (India) Ltd is the promoter of MGL.

  • Sales – Rs. 2233 Crores.
  • Return on Equity – 24%
  • ROCE – 24%
  • EBITA – Rs. 1014 CR.

The entire business in MGL has been integrated through the ERP-SAP system. The most important thing is it has a track record of 100% reliability in its gas supply. During the devastation by floods in Mumbai, all other companies were stopped for some or the other reason but it was only MGL Gas Supply which continued uninterrupted.

5. Adani Total Gas Ltd

Adani Total Gas Ltd is developing the City Gas Distribution (CGD) Network to supply Piped Natural Gas to the Industrial, Commercial, Domestic, and Compressed Natural Gas to the transport sector.

  • Sales – Rs  1740 Crores.
  • Rate of Equity – 24%
  • ROCE – 28%
  • EBITA – Rs. 734 CR.

The company has been set up in various states and cities of India and is awarded to a consortium of Adani Total Gas Ltd. Natural Gas is environmentally friendly that helps consumers to enjoy a high level of safety and economic efficiency.

6. Gujarat Gas Ltd.

It is India’s largest City Gas Distribution (CGD) player, with 27 CGD licenses spread across 43 districts in 6 states and 1 Union territory.

  • Sales – Rs. 9930 Crores.
  • Rate of Equity – 25%
  • ROCE – 29%
  • EBITA – Rs. 2,181 Crores.

Gujarat Gas Ltd, because of its work, has continued to hold a leadership position in the CGD industry in terms of size and scale of operation.


Which gas company is best in India?

Gujarat State Petronet Ltd is the best company in India.

How many gas distributors are there in India?

There are around 7,000 gas distributors all over the country.

Which is the biggest CNG company in India?

Gujarat State Petronet Ltd is the biggest CNG company in India.

Which is the best CNG company in India?

Indraprastha Gas Ltd is considered to be the best CNG company in India.

Which is the biggest LPG supplier in India?

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HP) Gas is the biggest LPG supplier in India.

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